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Good art or bad

December 31, 2012

This is just my own opinion.

I was always confused by this question: how to evaluate an art work.

My own experiences drive me suppose that there might be two types of art critic: Performer View (PV) and Artist View (AV). It is not to say that any work in artist view is better than performer’s, but we consider these two types separately.

For PV,

art is not what you see but what you make others see quote design  creativity

So in this view, the judgement of an art work is not only depend on the art itself, but also deeply depend on the observers.

How the observers feel, how the majority responds.

To judge an artwork is better or worse than another, a poll is needed. Statistics works here.

In AV, we set a lot of standards by rules, especially the ways how the author shows his emotions and his insight ideas.

How he expresses his understanding of the real life or an imagine world in an appealing and concentrated way using some kind of typical or ideal work.

I think a wonderful art work should send the author’s creative or insight informations with following four aspects:

Simple, essential, exact and beautiful.

Maybe we can establish a lot of levels of rules to judge works. I don’t know what these levels are, but I believe,

If you want to break a rule in a lower level, you should maintain or improve the higher level rules.

Moreover, we can understand PV and AV by this analogy.

PV is like you judge a girl by her physical beauty.

AV is like you judge a girl as you want her to be your wife, characteristics come first, and appearance is secondary.

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