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Project 2

September 27, 2012

For Tuesday Oct 2:

Project 2 schedule.pdf

Form and Code examples

Processing Charrette – 2 Readings 1 code exercise:

form + code repeat chapter

Computer Science for the Rest of Us, NYTimes

October 3 code exercise: project-2-notes

Read description of Project 2 in syllabus and explore and play with some of the examples in Processing – the program we’ll be using.

Processing is on the computers in the MacLab and is free to download.

Completed code/design should look like this: Code Library Template Page

Sample code from the book Form + Code is here – we’ll be working with some simple repetitive programs.

Here are some Processing tutorials.

Check out this Processing code library

Working with typography in Processing.

AND Draw one (or more) ‘idealized’ leaf studies in Illustrator using the Pen Tool and other shape editing tools. See sample development below that starts with ellipse.

Charlie Harper’s plant and animal illustrations, here. And below.

Emigre Puzzler Pattern: Puzzler Emigre.pdf

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